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Default Re: '99 much credit do you give Robinsonfor that run?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I'm trying to understand why people are so sure that Duncan was robbed in 99. I've gone back and forth between the two of them and Alonzo. It was a relatively unimpressive year. Stockton wasn't as good as Robinson, and the two teams had the same record. That's not the end of the conversation, but I think it reflects their impact. Malone's rebounding was down but still at 9.4, 4.1APG and was the best offensive PF in the NBA. Duncan was the better rebounder and the better defender, but Malone was playing great defense at that point in his career. Should have been on the 2nd All-Defensive Team, but was playing great defense, nonetheless. I find it strange that people campaign for Duncan so hard, as he hardly stood out.

And while I agree that Jordan should have won it in 97, I do think Malone should have won it in 98. Malone with 2 MVP's is hardly a travesty.
Malone's defense was body someone up and slap down at the ball as hard as he could. **** Karl Malone. The NBA was just trying their best to market him.
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