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Default Re: Justin Bieber In Celeb All-Star Game?!?! WTF?!

I'll tell ya what's gonna happen right now.

They're all basically just gonna be goofing off having fun at the celebertiy ASG, and then Bieber is gonna try to go in for a quick fancy layup. Yeah's gonna he his shit swatted to next week and its gonna look all bad. The crowd will probably cheer, or maybe boo, who cares.

The next day its gonna be on gossip webistes, magizines, yahoo and maybe even sports websites that Bieber got totally swatted, and thats gonna somehow make him more adorable, and girls will probably say we're all just picking on him and they're gonna want him more.

Anyway, don't hate on the kid. He makes music for his audience, just like everyone else. Any grown ass man shouldn't be hatting on any kid. Now if you're like 15 years old and whatever and every girl you were trying to get at is suddenly talking about this Bieber kid, I could understand, but random unprovoked hate on anyone is just stupid.

And yes, he does look and sing like a girl.
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