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Default Re: I do not care what Avery's excuses are, Marshon needs to play more.

i say give martian the opportunity to hang out with the armour for the time being. provided he wants to. i mean, i'm sure he gets lots of burn in nets' practices, but maybe he wants to be the main man for a while.

OTOH, with the rise of the nets defense and with his own atrocious D, one can easily see why he sits these days. so maybe it's better after all if he works on that side of his game for the time being. in the end that's probably the fastest path to getting back in to the rotation.

i don't know, i'm just left to babble at this point... but i wish more reporters would ask avery what his plan is so that we'd all have a better idea what's going on. :S

EDIT: KLN, who repped you down? an angry knick fan perchance?
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