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Default Re: NBA scorekeeper discussion. Im just that bored.

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Walt Frazier actually having 36/9 and not 36/19 in game 7(The Reed game). Ive watched that game and I didnt notice that many assists but I wasnt counting. history records maybe the best game 7 ever. A poster here claimed he counted 9. All I know.

yeah i got the same impression after watching the game

I know Shane Battier once said he was told to shoot the long 3 at the buzzer every time when he was in Houston because the home scorekeeper wouldnt count the miss. Only the make if it goes in. They did it because guys got worried about shooting percentages. Bit of homecooking there.

im not sure, but i think you have this wrong

the rockets keep their own stats (as im sure plenty of other teams do now) on shooting. they dont just look at 3pt shooting, they make note of if a shot is contested or not, where its from, what the game situation is.

so i think when battier's 3pt miss happens, the official score keeper will recognise it, but the rockets internal database will note that it was just a half court heave at the end a quarter.

so when the rockets are looking at battiers shooting #s they wont take those misses into account

i think i remember battier saying that he was still worried that other teams, that may want to sign him may not be as diligent with stats as the rockets are, so he still didnt like taking those end of quarter prayers
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