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Default Re: NBA scorekeeper discussion. Im just that bored.

Pau Gasol triple triple doubles

To be noted.
- All games were at home
- All videos it says full highlights, I'm only counting from these videos.

-Counting off the bounce (1 dribble)
-Tap outs count as rebound for the big
- Post entry pass is counted if its a catch and shoot, one fluid dribble allowed.

statline - 26/11/10

in video -26/7/7

*first assist they show should be bucket for Pau lol


statline - 11/13/10

in video - 11/12/8

*1:56 assist Goatlock receives pass from Gasol, shoots after a pause loooong pause.
*3:20 lob to dwight doesn't fully come off, D12 turns it in too two.
*counted a goudelock 2 off the bounce at 3:00


statline - 17/20/11

in video -17/17/8

* 1:50 Gasol kicks to Morris on the perimeter, takes two dribbles around the screen set by Gasol. Thats who you get extra points in 2k but is it an assist? not counted.
*2:28 Entry pass to D12, takes a dribble, head fake and then bucket. As the announcer says Gasol is averaging 6 assists for the month.
*4:13 passes to Meeks in the corner and he drives to the basket for the clutch dunk, would count in my books if it was off a cut. Assist should go to Harden.

Id have to watch the full games to be sure, i didn't see any rebounds that i thought were given.
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