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Default Re: Any Fans of the the Fallout series here?

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
I liked falloute 2 more than falloute 3. I loved falloute 3 but for me falloute 2 had much better story.

Only played 3 and new vegas, but I love it.

So much fun, you could play the game like a shooter, you can play it as a hack and slash game, You can use vats a lot or rarely use it.

You can even kill as a sniper. You could hack robots or disable them with pulse grenades or just pound them to death.

Honestly the most free flowing gameplay of any game.

GTA is great, but you really have to play a lot of missions one way and you really have limited control of how your character interacts with others. A lot of the variety and options in GTA are separate from the core game play.
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