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Default Re: 2013 FIBA Americas Tournament

Originally Posted by Bandito
I never claimed that. I said nobody in PR knows who Spanoullis is. I never said I watched all the National games, if not link me to it.

Arroyo and Barea never said that you delusional troll. And I know that for a fact, because everything they say is shown in the newspaper here and my dad reads the newspaper everyday.

You didn't saw any coach said that about Spanoullis, because first you don't know Spanish so it is impossible for you to have heard that in Spanish., if you said it was in English (which is coincidentally our second language) then maybe I would believe you. Second the player that has the highest score is an American player (Carmelo Anthony which ironically could play for the PR team if he wanted to because his mom is puertorrican LOL). Third after a quick google search, I obviously didn't found any link sstating what you said which proves you are a proven liar.

I then reiterated that maybe I could've seen Spanoullis play because I don't know him therefore maybe he did play with Greece in one of the world tournaments and because he's unknown as a player globally I probably ignored him. Heck if I see him play now I wouldn't probably notice him until someone zooms him in as I don't even know his jersey number.

Ironically I found this link:

Ergin Ataman, a Turkish basketball coach, said that Arroyo is better than Spanoulis at everything concerning basketball

They both said it.

Vassilis Spanoulis against Puerto Rico:


Vassilis Spanoulis against Puerto Rico:


You are just bitter and pissed off because Greece and Spanoulis always ruin Puerto Rico's chances in the big tournaments.

Just like all these NBA only fan clowns like KG215, gabepizza, Rooster, DrJ.4ever and the ones like that are still bitter and pissed off that Spanoulis beat their beloved Team Steroids in 2006.

He owns Puerto Rico and he owns Barea and Arroyo. Puerto Rico, Barea, and Arroyo are all Spanoulis' bitches.

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