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Default Re: Looking Ahead To the Summer

I like Jrue Holiday as well, but I don't think he's a franchise type point guard. He's another one of these 6'3 shooting guards that lack point guard skills at the next level. He's not an athletic freak like Ellis, Barbosa, Douby or Louis Williams either. They're comparing this guy to Delonte West. I think he's a Rodney Stuckey type player at best and I wouldn't want the Warriors to nab a guy with the 7th pick when they're projected as a late first rounder. Remember Ike Diogu? I'd much rather have Patrick Mills than Holiday.

Its not a matter whether I think Ellis is a good player or not. At this point, he's a very good player, but with his lack of passing and defense, it just kills the chemistry for this team. I'd much rather have a pass first point guard that can D up. Hinrich doesn't exactly fit that mold, but he does play good defense and can dish out 6-8 assists per game. With Andre Miller's career on the back nine, I doubt he'd sign with a team that is struggling to win games. He'll be looking for a ring and I sense he's going to be back in Los a Laker. Imagine that....Miller, Bryant, Odom, Gasol and Bynum. Scary thought...
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