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Default Re: Tom Brady will surpass MJ on the list of greatest athletes...

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
Phil Jackson was a nobody before he came to the Bulls. Anyone with the least bit objectivity will admit that Jordan did a hell of a lot more for Jackson than Jackson did for Jordan. i also love how people like you will bring up 1-9 like it means anything at all. Those teams in Jordan's first 3 years had no business even making the playoffs, the rosters were that bad. His best teammates were glorified role player Orlando Woolridge and a raw, offensively limited Charles Oakley.

Who was BB before Brady? How come he did not create a Brady in Cleveland?

1-9, kiddo. MJ is a product of the GOAT.

BB without Brady = A scrub coach

PJ without 1-9 = 5 rings

Originally Posted by ArbitraryWater
the guy youre talking to isnt a troll, sure MJ got lucky with Phil, but MJ is alot more dominant and proven than Brady lol.
You got embarrassed in the Tennis thread. You get shit on constantly in the NBA forum. NFL if just something which you don't understand.

Stick to trolling, kid.
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