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Default Re: Tom Brady will surpass MJ on the list of greatest athletes...

Originally Posted by AngelEyes
Obviously every football fan respects Brady and his accomplishments but there is not enough separation between him and the other great QB's of his era statistically to warrant a comparison to Michael Jordan. You could also make a very good argument that Jim Brown and Jerry Rice dominated their positions in a way that surpasses what Brady has done. It's also very hard to compare quarterbacks across eras because of how the game has changed and become more passing orientated.
not to mention, new rules are made up to protect qb's, and then you have those that get surrounded by cheating scandals. But we all know, when his legacy is discussed, no one will mention those things. Not like they will mention negative acts of others like dog abuse, spouse abuse, court trials, etc. (acts that don't affect the outcome of a football game). These things get mentioned every time the respective player is on tv, but when Brady and BB are on, not one mention. Its like the league tells them to never talk about it.
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