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I'm bumping this again, from over a year ago, for two games.

First, BroForce, which my niece and I enjoyed the hell out of. Couch Co-Op in an old fashioned 2D multi level side scroller, sort of like a Contra or Ghosts and Goblins. Classic 8-Bit art design, totally over the top exploding shooting action. There are tons of characters, all parodies of classic action heroes. Each guy has fairly unique gun, and a special move.

The levels are laid out in relatively small set pieces, making it an easy game to pick up and put down. The story is ridiculous Bro-tasticness, about Murica, and hunting down Satan and killing his red ass.

The play mechanic has you freeing characters from boxes, which bring your partner back to life, or if he's alive, lets you keep that character as an extra guy. It really works. I thought the thing was excellent.

Second game is Firewatch. An extremely polarizing game, that I really loved, in spite having some issues with it. It's a first person exploration game, completely story driven, about a guy who's wife is sick, who takes a job as a forest post lookout, where his only contact is via a walky talky to his boss Delilah. It's tons of dialogue choices. It even makes sense to me as a watch through if you don't want to play it. I won't give away too much, but I really liked. The art design was awesome, and the story really worked for me, although I admit some frustration with it, and if you're not into games where you're not going to shoot anything, then this just isn't for you. But it's worth at least looking into. I'd love to talk about it more, which is why I'm bumping this thread, but it's not something many people seem to have played.
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