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Originally Posted by HTOWNMIKE
Center---- Yao/dek/ Whomever Can Bulk Up To Be The Third Center

Powerforward---juwan.. Then Chuck Hayes, Shane Is Depth, Also Novak, Also Padgett..... Pure Depth At Forward Spot

Small Forward--- Tmac/shane/ Bonzi And Im Sure A Tall Two Can Fit Here

Shooting Guard-- Tmac/ Snyder?? Span??? Who Else??? Lol;

Point... Hopefully Span Can Fit In Here, Along With Raf-alt (new Nickname) And Who Else??? John Lucas.......

Our Starting Lineup Probably Will Be Set For The Whole Season.... Although We Will Be Subbing Like Crazy

Good post. I don't see Head anywhere on your list though. It would still be nice to see them make one more trade----Head for Simien. Miami needs a backup point, and we need someone who can take a few center minutes. This is not the best trade in the world, but it fits both team's cap and TR situations. As it is, the Rockets can only carry 12 and save 3 more.

C Yao Deke Nobody Haryasz ?
PF Howard Hayes Battier ? TMac ? Novak? Padgett ?
SF Battier TMac Bonzi Snyder Jameson? Novak?
SG TMac Bonzi Snyder Akubuike ?
PG Alston TMac Head VSpan Lucas ? Sura ?
If the 11 guys in bold print are on the 12 man roster, who else makes the squad? As a necessary backup center? As a designated shooter? Maybe this is just a good problem to have, but the Rockets have some decent players to cut at some point. I wish they could get something for them that meets a team need. THIS IS A VERY GOOD TEAM.
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