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Default Re: pretty sure RG3 will bust

Originally Posted by detroitkid816
It's an evaluation based off of observations of his skillset. I think as a prospect he is at best a HUGE project with great potential, and at worst just a flat out bust of course. still a huge project nonetheless. i hope he proves me wrong

He will prove you wrong. The CHI game was kinda rough but the pass pro broke down often and early and the guy played like *gasp* a rookie!!! Made some mistakes but a necessary step in the process.

In the Buffalo game he looked like a pocket passing QB with a strong arm and a quick delivery, like Aaron Rodgers. Not saying he'll be on that level but the similarities were there with even those 6 passing attempts.

I was glad he kinda struggled against the Bears.

As for Cowboy Thunder, guy is a f@ggot who doesn't like anybody who can threaten and surpass his OK State (irrelevant compared the Sooners or NFL) Cowboys.

Ask anyone if they'd rather have Brandon Weeden or Robert Griffin III

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