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Originally Posted by tamaraw08
I am aware that there are some important things that Blake doesn't do well like penetrating etc but the guy has a remarkable CAREER 3 pt FG% ave of 41% in the playoffs
For the winner take all game 7 vs Denver last playoffs, Steve hit a crucial 5 of 6 3pt shots and the game was awfully close, I think Kobe "only scored" 19 pts
Just a little sample of player's playoff career ave from the 3pt line
Tony Parker- 29%
Westbrook- 29 %
Mo Williams, 34%
Kobe Bryant, 33%.
With creative players like Nash, Kobe and pretty good post players like Howard and Pau who will command double teams, I think it's imperative to have accurate shooters in the team.

Hitting a few shots SOMETIMES, but playing very poorly overall is not enough reason for being on the team....just think of Radmanovic, or Chucky Atkins, we just don't need that....and at 4 million per year under the current CBA and what comparable guys are being paid....he's making at least double what he's worth. Blake is just not a "Gamer" IMO.
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