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Default Re: More violence and Mexican flag waving by anti-Trump folks, this time in California

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
Good shit F*ck those guys up my Mexican brethren

Aren't you black? These people are Mexican nationalists. Do you not know what Mexican nationalists think about African Americans?

Mexican nationalists view the southwest of America as "stolen" land. But who do you think Mexican nationalists dislike more, white American or black Americans? Hint: it's not white Americans.

Mexican nationalists view it as stolen land, but they recognize that the white man conquered it. So there's at least a factor of respect. They don't respect black Americans however. They view black Americans as parasites who are living on their land and didn't earn it. Are you seriously unaware of the conflict between blacks and Mexicans in California?

Black people shouldn't be too eager to have the Mexican population grow. You're gonna find out the hard way that Mexicans don't have white guilt.
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