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Default My Mock Offseason: Keeping the Raptors Afloat

Right now:

PG- Jose Calderon/Roko Ukic/Marcus Banks
SG- Anthony Parker/Jason Kapono
SF- Shawn Marion/Joey Graham
PF- Chris Bosh/Pops Mensah-Bonsu/Kris Humphries
C- Andrea Bargnani/Jake Voskuhl

- Has been worse than Sam Mitchell
- Is bland already, same act every game, hasn't even been a year.
- Let's be honest, not an NBA quality coach.

Ok, now I didn't even mention who are FAs are. The immediate need is to get rid of Triano I think. He's pretty bad. Look at the talent and look at the results... not good. Deserves a firing even if it's not his fault. Just the way it is.
Step Two:

Now, the players who could possibly leave through free agency:
Unrestricted FA:
F- Shawn Marion
G- Anthony Parker
F/C- Pops Mensah Bonsu
C- Jake Voskuhl

Bye Jake . Thanks for nothing.

As for the others. I don't think Shawn Marion fits here, he already doesn't like it, he got traded from a playoff team to a team of disappointment and low energy losers. He will leave and we can't do anything about it. Bye bye Marion.

Anthony Parker I don't think has much value. He's getting on in Don't really know what to do with him. He's not good enough to start for much longer but a nice sixth or seventh man role could fit. However Colangelo paying that POS Jason Kapono 6 million a year makes this an unwise move. Parker is gone too.

Pops Mensah Bonsu. Re-sign for really cheap. He is a good bench big for us. 2 yrs/1.5 million.

Restricted FA

Joey Graham

I think Joey Graham leaving is better for both teams. He's shown ability to possibly produce but I don't like the way he does it. He's just bad. Even when his stats are looking better, he still plays bad. Maybe bad isn't the right word. But **** it he's bad. Don't extend the qualifying offer to him.

blurb: also we have a team option for really low on Nate Jawai. Doesn't matter what they do either way so I won't speculate, who really cares?

Now we're left with:
PG- Jose Calderon/Roko Ukic/Marcus Banks
SG- Jason Kapono (gross)
PF- Chris Bosh/Pops Mensah Bonsu
C- Andrea Bargnani/Kris Humphries

Step Three: Free Agency

Available FA that we should take a look at:
Lamar Odom
Jamal Crawford
(if he opts out, I think he will, the way Nelson is treating him his option is actually for another 2 years, doubt he wants that.)

got to go for now sorry lol it's a long post I'll continue and finish it later, comment on what you see so far even though there isn't much. The interesting stuff will be my trade and FA choices.
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