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Default Re: My Mock Offseason: Keeping the Raptors Afloat

Originally Posted by Toni
Curry = Smaller Redick

Very good college scorer. Won't translate to the NBA.

Agreed. I am not even entirely comfortable with how Harden projects...and he is bigger with a lot more tools. Though I suspect the Raps won't have a chance at either.

If we wind up in the expected range ( 7-10th pick) I'd like the Raps to try and grab one of the combo forwards that can inject some D and athleticism ( Earl Clark or Al Aminu)...or swing for the fences with Greg Monroe if he drops. It is obvious this team isn't just a piece away, so it's time to start putting in place a real long term plan.

I wouldn't touch a free agent over 26, only to have them past there prime when the core peaks. And Jamal "I'm a career 40% shooter that plays no D" Crawford is last thing we need.

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