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Default Re: My Mock Offseason: Keeping the Raptors Afloat

Originally Posted by bada bing
i agree. You said everything i was going to say.

I hate the fact that triano can't make up his ****ing mind. He is just a mess and at times i wished we had sam mitchell instead of this guy. We should have just gone with Mitchell and fired him at the end of the season.

Why the **** isn't Ukic playing? Why aren't there plays called for Marion? Marion is a solid offensive threat and the raps aren't even calling any plays for him. He is just running around looking for 2nd chance points. He is a player that can shine when Bosh is doubled...The coach should be calling plays and making marion available out there...

with the way this team is being coached, regardless of what player we got instead of Marion we would have had the same results. This is just annoying and extremely frustrating to watch.

I too have been baffled by the handling of Marion. The first few games he was here he was making many cuts to the basket that Calderon missed due to not being familiar with his game. I was looking forward to those kinks getting ironed out but it seems as though Marion is just forgotten about now. We've seen how effective plays like that can be as Utah tends to tear us up with them and we have someone who is excellent at them and yet he goes un-used. If Marion walks because of this I'll be pissed.
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