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Im not sure I want to see hughes move up like he said he might. I really dont see him beating Silva and I love Hughes so I would hate to see him move up just to get his ass kicked. Oh well, im SO ready to see FEDOR fight again. I would say flat out he would destroy anyone but i want to see if they layoff has changed him any first. That said I still expect domination from him. I generally do like UFC better than pride because I think they do a better marketing job but its just sad that so many UFC fans have never seen this guy fight. Hes a BEAST.
They've done a good job of getting the UFC and MMA out there in the mainstream in this country, but they are waaay over-doing it now. Too much promotion, too many commercials. I mean, why the fu*k are they riddling the PPVs with commercials? We paid 40 dollars to watch that show. Put that sh!t on the Spike shows.

And start signing some better fighters for crying out loud. Some guys that can step in and throw down for titles RIGHT NOW (like Anderson Silva). They've done a great job of signing young talent both off the street and through the reality show, but they need to be bringing in the Heath Herrings and Rampage Jacksons of the world.

And bring back Matt Lindland, god damnit.
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