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Default Re: 76ers vs. Timberwolves GT

Originally Posted by Marchesk
Jimmy Butler might have something to do with that?

Yea, so they are better than last year.

Timberwolves fans - what do you think about Thibs? I haven't seen them much last year but on one hand they are 16-12 which is definitely not bad and they also need time to adjust to each other and figure out how to maximize each others talent. However I sometimes wonder if he is the guy to maximize their young talent?

I feel like I'm not seeing the growth for Wiggins and Towns that you might expect. It also seems like they are unsure how to use each other on offense. I don't think they have a nice flow or enough movement. Wiggins showed some improvement last year on pick and rolls with Towns but I haven't seen that really this year. I don't know if Teague is the best complement to their big 3 either?
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