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Default Re: 76ers vs. Timberwolves GT

Will Tom Thibodeau ever adjust to the modern NBA? ( The answer is no)

I heard a lot of talk about "complex schemes" but I haven't seen them in action

It doesn't take more than a season to learn how to defend, these guys aren't rookies anymore/

Thibs insists on running his starters ragged but the production isn't enough to justify his rotations.

KAT scores less than 20 in more than an entire games worth of play, and they lost, how would resting him do any harm?

They re-signed Bazz and he doesn't even see the floor

Thibs is a joke and I've been saying it since day one, everyone else caught feelings like I didn't know what I was talking about but yet here we are

This team is built for the treadmill, not a title.

+ How tf are you going to let JJ Redick outscore you at home, Wiggins and Towns need to grow up fast, they are too talented to be so bitchmade
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