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Default Re: Scathing Letter from Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert

Originally Posted by Mikaiel
Yeah, I'm sure LeBron hated all the attention he got. That's just not him.

You'd think he would, but I clearly saw a guy who was not comfortable at all up there.

Dude smiled like once the whole time (when asked about taking no.6 from Chalmers).

That whole thing sounds like an idea 25-year-old wannabe "business tycoon" like Mav Carter would cook up. LeBron needs to ditch that idiot.

I think LeBron may have in part agreed to the whole thing to placate his "team" of so-called friends, because I don't think they were happy with him going to Miami.

They were probably hoping for New York, where they could run the city and the franchise, and LeBron would make more money from endorsements.

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