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Originally Posted by brwnman
Oohh. I love Eric Gordon. Would love to have him. But as practicality goes, we have a better shot at getting Monta than we do Eric Gordon.

And nope, SG isn't as important as C when it comes to defensive position. Here's the beauty of having Monta and the ugly truth.

On a Monta team, you can have weaker PG and SF offensively, but guys who can just play defense. If you have a tall PG, or a SF who is just a great D player and can hit wide open 3s, that's all you need as far as the backcourt and wings are concerned.

Again, no one hates Bargnani for Bargnani. It's just what he does defensively. As many have said, if he was a 6th man, it wouldn't bother that many people. Even last game against Detroit, Leo and Matt were like, what is bargnani doing? He didn't even try.

There are some very basic concepts that I will lay out for you, for the final time, and I will number them so you can read each one. Get it through your head, repeat it, so you don't ever forget it:

1) Bargnani's most effective position and the position where he can succeed in the NBA the most is PF (a position where the Raptors have 4 guys [in terms of their importance to the future] - Ed Davis, Amir, Dorsey, Evans)

2) Bargnani is a terrible rebounder. (Worst starting rebounder for a C/PF in the NBA)

3) In the NBA, you cannot win, if Bargnani is not surrounded by a defensive minded C who rebounds out of this world (Only one guy in the NBA that is there, Dwight Howard).

4) In the NBA, you cannot win, if Bargnani is not surrounded by Dwight Howard, even if the C is defensive minded, if the wings do not rebound the ball above average to exceptionally well and play defense exceptionally well.

5) Bargnani is best-suited to be a 6th man in the NBA, where when his shot is falling, you keep him on the floor, and when his shot isn't falling you can sit him on the bench. You can put Bargnani on the current Lakers and he'd look fantastic. Heck, you can even put him on the Heat, and he'd look great.

6) Bargnani does nothing but score the ball, and even that, he doesn't do it efficiently. Especially when you consider that he is a big. You don't mind Bargnani shooting 45% from the field if he is hitting at least 38% from three while making around 1.5 3s a game and getting to the FT line 5-6 times a game. (DeMar is similar to Bargnani in that aspect, he doesn't do anything right now except score the ball. He has shown the ability to draw fouls though better than Bargnani).

7) Bargnani cannot create his own shot.

8) Bargnani still hasn't learned how to pass off a double team.

9) Bargnani gets neutralized if you put a smaller guy on him and just crowd his space

10) Bargnani is not improving anymore. This is his 5th year. Players don't usually improve after their 5th year. The first three years are very telling. Players refine their game from then on, but pretty much, what you see is what you get with him. He will never improve on D, he will never become a good rebounder. He has actually regressed this year on D from last year.

11) Bargnani used to be a decent post man to man defender. But once his man put the ball on the floor? See ya!

If I remember more, I will add. But for the time being, memorize this...

very well said. I hope we can make a sticky of this.

and to the clown that is bashing this post, just shut up. What is it in those posts that brownman said was wrong? He didn't lie about anything. He is just stating the truth.
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