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Originally Posted by Jerm
His mom was "seriously ill" and if he was called "the son of a terrorist whore" which means that this guy not only insulted his heritage but his mother too, heads will roll if it were me. I don't know, what would you do?...Run home and cry to your dying mom?

Mama you were insulted but I did nothing about it and kept my composure. Mama, here is the world cup. Your mom smiles and calls you the best of sons.

Well I commented on this earlier in the thread and agreed that if it was about his mom, then I can certainly understand what he did. But i stand by the fact that if he was provoked by something racial, I don't think he should have acted that way. You gotta understand that every star athlete in the world goes through those kind of things, and however disgraceful it is for the people who are doing the namecalling, it is part of sports now. Sad, but unfortunately true. Now, knowing that every single opponent is going to send slurs at you trying to get you, the star player, tossed from the game, would you give in and do exactly what they are trying to make you do.
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