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Default Re: Don't sweat bad start 2011-12 Celtics start just yet

Originally Posted by insidehoops
So here, then, is one reason not to get overly despondent about the Celtics' current state of affairs: the schedule. It is their BFF -- at least for the next six weeks (don't even look at March or April without a pail nearby).

The Celtics' next five games are against Detroit, Washington (back-to-back, home-and-away), New Jersey and Indiana. The only road game is the New Year's night affair in Washington. They should be no worse than 4-4 at that point and really should be 5-3. Even better for the Celtics, after their game against Indiana on Jan. 6, they do not play again until Jan. 11.

That stretch of no games in five days is a veritable mother lode for Rivers and his staff, if for no other reason than it may provide them with their first days of practice since the start of the season.

-- ESPN Boston

Looking forward to the game against Indiana, should be the thoughest opponent of those four. Experience alone should beat Pistons, Nets and Wizards. Deron looked like he could not wait to get the hell out of New Jersey, or Brooklyn is it, in the game against Orlando.. that helps us. I predict 5-0. I demand 5-0.

The 5 days off before Dallas and Bulls are well timed indeed.
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