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Default Re: Is LeBron the most complete player the game has ever seen?

Originally Posted by Myth

Nah. MJ overall wins, but we're not talking overall, we're talking about someone who is very good in all things.


Scoring: 10
Man on man defense: 10
Overall defense: 9.5
Passing: 7.5

Lebron gets at least 8.5 in all categories. Not many people would.


Scoring: 9
Man on Man defense: 8.5
Overall defense: 9
Passing: 9.5
Rebounding: 8.5

Bird might as well...idk, that was before my time.

Maybe Prime Grant Hill as well...but i don't know...his defense was weak, he was a better defender in Phoenix 3 yrs ago than he was in his prime.

Scottie Pippen probably makes at least 8.5 in all categories too.

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