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Default Re: Is LeBron the most complete player the game has ever seen?

Why not...?

At 6'9-260:

*Probably the best combination of size/speed/strengh/quickness/agility/stamina etc. ever
*PG skills (ballhandling/passing) only Magic had at that size and over
*Can guard basically all positions like only Scottie Pippen could.
*Can play basically all positions like only Magic Johnson could.
*Is arguably because of above the most versatile player ever overall.
*Can score with the best ever, all-time great volume scoring to efficiency ratio from the perimeter, scoring arsenal, good shooter (except from the FT line) and everything...
*Can rebound, can give you 10 a game if he wanted, same goes with assists...
*Fantastic bball IQ, leadership, intangibles etc.

The only "weakness" is his FT accuracy (75%).... except for that he is pretty much as close to "most complete" a player could realistically ever get....
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