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Default Re: preview feature on the Raptors...Val the key?

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
So to me, sure the Raps could take 'a step forward', but where does even that leave us? 8th at best? Enter Q and the old 'why bother being decent but not good' argument.
Thank you.

I'm a big Val fan. Huge. Was thrilled with his drafting. But I don't see him becoming a superstar. A very good player, maybe an All-Star appearance or two. He is absolutely the key to the Raptors future but he alone won't be enough. He is the only player on the team with major potential. Everyone else has either topped out (Gay, Lowry, Derozan, Amir) or are, IMO, low ceiling guys (Ross, Acy). There needs to be more to the "core" to develop a long-term winner and that's why I want this upcoming season tanked. Tanked hard and not half-way. Leiweke has said some things about rebuilding and "being bad" but I don't see Ujiri putting any such plan in place. We'll see.
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