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Default Re: Training Program

There is a lot of weight training and it is definitely helping me. Two weeks ago the highest bench press I recorded was about 154 (I know, it's terrible but I never try to measure my maximum by doing one rep) and that's how much weight I used for the first week. I am now starting week 3 and I did 198 yesterday. It's still not a lot but it's still a huge improvement IMO. Hope I can keep this up. I'm not one of those guys who lies about having a 40 yard dash of 4.25, a 43 inch vertical and a 300 lbs bench press.

In my opinion being 6'3, 193 lbs. and being able to bench 198 puts you well above the average shooting guard here. I don't know how the 2's are near you guys?

My knees felt better yesterday so I put in some real sprintwork on the field, feels great. I love being exhausted once I'm done with that. Only problem is I'm headed into the weight room after that workout.
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