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Default Re: Bobcats/Warriors Trade Idea??

Originally Posted by Timmeh
No. Stephen Jackson is not a SF. Do the salaries even match up? Doubt it.

They do more or less. Ellis is on a pretty good contract actually at 11 million flat for the next four years.

But this trade does not make sense for the Warriors. Wallace's great rebounding ability wouldn't be as useful with David Lee and Biedrins on the team. And I don't see why Ellis has to make room for Curry either. First of all, Ellis is better than Curry, but also: they complement each other well.

For the Bobcats it's lateral movement given that losing Wallace would leave our front court dangerously thin and horrid on the glass. Given the Cats are receiving better value I would still do it, but the deal would make both teams worse right now.

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