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Default Re: MY MOCK DRAFT 2008 v1

I watched the USC-Southern Illinois game last night, and the guys that impressed me were Davon Jefferson, that Lewis kid for S.C., and Falker for Southern Illinois. This was actually my first time seeing O.J. Mayo in a college game, and my assessment of the game was that he dribbled way too often and got the team away from their sets. His jumpshot shooting off the dribble didn't impress me too much. He's not big enough to impose his will on other 2's in the NBA, and I think he'll end up a Point Guard. If that's the case, his stats will most likely go up, but his team'll be crap. To me, he's sort of like Gilbert Arenas or Stephon Marbury. I think there's hope for him to end up the best player in this draft, but he's a bit of a risky pick now that I've watched him, IMO. Jefferson impressed me, but he was far from perfect. Most of his big plays came from getting to the rim and using his athleticism. I don't think he'll be ready to enter the draft this year, even as a potential pick. Lewis impressed me a bit at the end of the game; he looked like he really wanted it, and once Mayo's gone I think he'll take the reins and become the best scorer on this team. USC's very impressive, I just hope some of their players, excluding Mayo, decide to stay at least another year. Falker looks like he'll be able to find a spot on an NBA roster, but I didn't pay too much attention to him.

Right now I've seen some of Eric Gordon, some O.J. Mayo, and a bit of Derrick Rose. I'm gonna try to watch some more late night games and see how some of these top prospects do. I would like Gordon, Jordan, or Batum at #2 rather than Beasley or Mayo. I view Mayo as the better fit than Beasley; Mayo is a nice guard who can create some with his dribble, and although he's a bit of a ballhog and escapes the gameplan, he could draw attention away from KD and hopefully if he's unselfish enough, kick it out and let KD make it rain. Then there's Green down low as well, who I'm pretty high on. I'd like to see Seattle get some size down low with Jordan or Hibbert, or get a nice guard next to KD.
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