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Default Re: Ben Simmons is not better than Tatum or Mitchell

Originally Posted by Proctor
Guess you'd rather have the guy who scores 1 point in a playoff game, gets swept, and can't hit a 5 foot jumper if his life depended on it.

Ben Simmons is a poor man's Lebron if you took away Lebron's ability to shoot the ball at all. Bully driving and cute stats. Cool. Of course he can facilitate like few can but so could Kendall Marshall. Until he can score the ball with some consistency, he's a liability when the game matters the most.

Proctor my friend, he averaged 16ppg over the season, thats scoring with consistency, especially while dishing out over 8 assists per game on average.

In a thread comparing him to Tatum who averaged 13ppg and 1.6 assists, he's well on top there.

He's a rookie who has some work to do, but we can't hold one bad rookie playoff game against him....if we're talking overall season, which we are...we can't just throw Ben off the edge, he did win ROTY for a reason.

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