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Default Re: my top-10 CB duos going into 2012

I looked at one else has that opinion (that I know of)

guess what, when a CB is doing good THEY AREN'T EVEN ON THE TV SCREEN ANYWAY.

that is something that always irked about about Nnamdi lovers when he was at Oakland...why you love him so much when you CAN'T watch him play?...he had NO highlights, he was NEVER on TV...he was on the side of the field where the cameras where not pointing, and the ball was not being thrown at.

besides, I know I watched at least 3 Seattle games last year, they played Dallas for one and the then believe it or not Carbfag I watch a shit load of football...

this is WHY you're a f@ggot though, you are on a mission to say I am a liar with no reason can't just accept what I am saying.

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