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Default Re: Anybody care to post their Playoff Predictions?

The patriots will beat baltimore, although not by a huge margin. The patriots are going to pull a lot of tricks out of their bag without welker on the field, and in the end it will be too much for baltimore to handle.

I am 50/50 on the jets vs bengals. on one hand i think the jets defense is just too good for the bengals to overcome. on the other hand i really dont trust sanchez (he will probably throw at least 1 int) and i think the bengals will do a much job of stuffing the jets running game than they did today.

I will take the Eagles over the Cowboys. I cant see this Eagles team getting beaten by the cowboys 3x in one season. Reid and his staff are too good to let that happen.

Packers vs Arizona is tough to call, but im going with Arizona. The veteran QB, homefield advantage, and last years playoff experience are going to prevail in the end for the Cardinals.
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