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Default Re: Anybody care to post their Playoff Predictions?

Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
Actually think about it this way:

Green Bay vs Arizona
Dallas vs Philly
Jets vs Bengals

All three games were played today and all three games were COMPLETE MASSACRES!!!

do you think it's a safe bet that all three teams will win again next week?

Its definitely not a safe bet that all three will win again.

this season alone:

Minnesota massacred Chicago only to lose to them a few weeks later.

New Orleans beat Carolina and Tampa Bay only to lose to both of them a few weeks later.

New England got crushed by the Jets and then turned around to beat them mid season.

Tennessee got owned by the Jags and then beat them a few weeks later.

Pittsburgh easily defeated the Browns only to get owned by them 2 months later.

Denver absolutely destroyed the Chiefs a few weeks ago, and got totally massacred by them today.

so yeah, it happens
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