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Default Re: Need New Basketball shoes

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Kobe V's man... doesn't matter what your body type is really. The fact that they are so light is really back/leg friendly because you don't have to lug extra weight around... I'm convinced that you can play with more energy too and for longer for that same reason.

If you are worried about your ankles get some ankle braces... or if you already have em, they should do the trick.

nope, no problem with that. Well, I guess its worth a try since if there is one guy who shoots pull-ups; it's Kobe. Are the Kobe's bigger than you expect? Because I have a pair of those Adidas Creators and the sides are killing me, especially in the beginning, it's like my feet are getting pressed together.

Those Kobe's are pretty cheap though, that's good.
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