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Default Re: Post your gaming rig

Originally Posted by Nanners
built my new computer tonight

i7-7700k with a cryorig h7
evga gtx 1070
msi z270 sli plus motherboard
16 gigs ddr4 corsair ram 3000mhz
500gb ssd
nzxt s340 pro case

also exchanged my 24" dell TN gsync 1440p/144hz for a 27" acer IPS gsync 1440p/144hz

im amazed at how cold my cpu is running. i read a bunch of horror stories about heat issues with this processor, and i had some problems mounting the cooler, so i figured my cpu would be cooking... but so far i have not seen it top 60c. my next upgrade is probably gonna be a 1080ti or something like that so i can take full advantage of this monitor. i currently get a very reliable 90-100fps in bf1 in 1440p on ultra, which is great, but it would be nice to get up to 140+.
sick. i have the same case and ram.

my intel 6700k gets extremely hot playing bf1. i hit 65-70c regularly. i'm thinking i should re-mount the cooler so i can reapply the thermal paste. i've had temps hit 80c +. maybe it's because i only have 2 case fans, but that's why i watch my temps carefully.

did you buy the monitor from costco?
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