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Default Re: Breaking News....Arbitrator rules in NBAPA favor

Originally Posted by Rowe
I like what Novak did, but 4/$12 Million for a career bench warmer who had a great season doing nothing but shooting is way too much. Literally, the only thing he can do is shoot 3's and he's a liability whenever he's on the floor. If his 3 isn't falling, he is completely worthless and his contract looks as bad as the one Kapono & Vujacic got for having a great season hitting the 3.

Speaking of Sasha Vujacic, I wonder how much he's looking for this offseason. He's an ideal cheaper replacement for Novak and fills a need at SG.

I'm not with you with the Vujacic stuff but the rest is spot on. We saw what happened with Kapono. I don't see much difference between Novak, Reddick, Kapono, Korver etc. These guys are nice pieces to have off the bench but are very rarely worth the salaries they yield. I wouldn't give Novak more than say 1.5 - 2 mil a yr tops. 2 is actually stretching it.
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