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Default Re: Raps Fans Roll Call

Name: Aiden
Age: 18
Married: No
Occupation: Full-time student with part time at a Source for Sports
Ever played organised ball/length of time/highest level of competition: 4 years, Senior Boys' High School
Jerseys Owned: Garnett (Minnesota), Francis (Retro Houston), Durant (Authentic One)
Favourite TV Show: House, Heroes, Entourage.
Favourite Food: Cheezies, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Buttered Chicken
Favourite Band/Musician: Army of the Pharoahs
Favourite Raptors Moment: Winning the division last year
Favourite Current Raptor: Anthony Parker and Jose Calderon
Favourite All Time Raptor: Jose Calderon
Games attended:
Worst All time Moments: Drafting of Charlie Villanueva (it was terrible at the time, or so me and my friends thought, but it turned out nicely), my friend ran over from his house, burst open my door and yelled who the f*** is Charlie Villanoova?

Best NBA Moment: At a Supersonics game against Phoenix, Ray Ray nearly won the game for the Sonics, ended up with 35 points, Nash came out before the game and made 146/150 shots from everywhere, and Nash had a 3/4 court alley-oop pass to Marion /or/ my favourite player: Dwade, winning the 'ship in 2006.
Worst NBA Moment: The biased referees

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