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Default Re: Raps Fans Roll Call

Originally Posted by brwnman
Name: Kumail
Age: 17
Married?: No
Occupation: Student (looking for a part-time job)
Jerseys Owned: none
Favourite TV Show: CSI: Vegas
Favourite Food: don't have a particular one, but I do like chinese food alot
Favourite Band/Musician: no clue
Favourite Raptors Moment: Pape Sow finger thingy towards Gerald Green
Favourite Current Raptor: don't have a favourite
Favourite All Time Raptor: definitely Pape Sow...

Time for an update!!!!!!!!!!

Name: <--- it stayed the same, weird huh!
Age: 18
Married?: still a no (another 5 years or so)
Occupation: Student (and found a part time job! ---> telemarketer)
Jerseys Owned: my MoPete actually got stolen, but my bro's got a Jordan with all his achievement
Favourite TV Show: Entourage (stupid strike)
Favourite Food: same as before
Favourite Band/Musician: a lot and i'm a fan of paramore too
Favourite Raptors Moment: Now I look back, it's gotta be last year getting to the playoffs - it was a long long wait
Favourite Current Raptor: Jose Calderon
Favourite All Time Raptor: Pape! ( i want him back)...
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