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Default Re: Raps Fans Roll Call

Name: Richard
Age: 17
Married?: no
Occupation: kitchen staff at "Wild Wing" wings joint
Jerseys Owned: You have a minute?
- White Minnesota KG
- Blue Minnesota KG
- White Detroit Rip Hardwood Classics
- Blue Utah AK47 (I wanted a Deron but I settled, ****)
- White Denver Melo
- White New York Marbury (shame)
- Blue Philly Wilt
- Blue NJ Petrovic (was cheap, so said wtf)
- White Marquette DWade
- White Cavs LeBron
- Gold Lakers Kobe

Funny thing is IVE NEVER OWNED A RAPTORS JERSEY. First one will be Calderon if they re-sign him and trade Ford. Im embarassed that I have Knicks and Nets jerseys but not a Raptors one. This is actually pissin me off as I write this.

Favourite TV Show: dunno used to be 24, usually just watch sports
Favourite Food: Caesar salad, poutine
Favourite Band/Musician: The Roots, Kanye
Favourite Raptors Moment: I wasnt aropund for the real good stuff so Ill say winning the Atlantic last year.
Favourite Current Raptor: Chris Bosh
Favourite All Time Raptor: Chris Bosh
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