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Default Re: Austin Rivers will wear "number" 0 for duke

Originally Posted by KG215
I don't know, there's already been plenty of venom spewed forth by people on Inside Carolina. I know that's a small fraction of the fan-base, but he's already pretty hated.

I personally think he'll have to do something pretty drastic this year, though, to approach Redick and Laetner status.
I dunno, it's a whole new era now with Twitter and school (and sometimes specific sport) specific sites, even than when Redick was in school. Which seems like yesterday (damn).

I don't see him approaching them, but I do see where you're coming from. The culture of recruiting has gotten really...creepy in the last couple years. It's always been dirty and slimy and all, but I just mean as far as fan involvement. I'm a 27 year old man and I follow multiple 15/16 year old kids on Twitter that have "Purdue interest," I have no room to talk. I knew where JaQuan Lyle was a couple weekends ago, that's kid's a junior. In high school. That's just downright creepy. But I'm not about to click unfollow because I have a Purdue P as my Twitter icon. And it matters.
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