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I dont think Michael is a racist anyways, nor would I care if he were. People are shocked too much today, but we've all thought something racist now and then. Yes we have.

The two guys plotted to piss Richards off so badly that he'd go on a regrettable racial tirade, in order for them to attempt a suit to milk some cash from a celeb. They are suing for emotional distress or some such bull****. Gimme a break.

People are burning "kramer" at the stake for using the N word and so and so, yet how many more people use it every single day out on the streets or wherever they may be? Is this suddenly big news?? Or is it big news because Kramer said it, and well everyone cant believe a celebrity like Kramer could ever have something like that stored up inside him? No no, that can only come from ordinary folk.

It's ****ing done with, get over it.

I understand how life works and I think the way it works at times is piss poor. I mean do his views really bother people that much?? Do people really give a **** when a celeb thinks a certain way, even if it might have been highly regretted or said in the heat of the moment??
Is he suddenly a horrible person now?? I mean ffs people, come on.

Learn to live with this because it's never going away, even in todays so called "advanced times". Look at the planet today and try telling me we're supposed to be advanced without suppressing a laugh. People are plain and simply ****ed up. ****ed up big time.

****, I'll bet we dont even know what those closest to us really think. They keep their true feelings secretive, but if we all harbor a negative thought in our minds now and then, are we all suddenly horrible people to? Or just those who let their secrets slip?

It's the world today man. Just gotta cope with it as best we may. It sucks of course, but it's nothing new.

He may be stupid but I wouldnt call him horrible. He said something he regrets. He had an angry fit of rage and was very verbally abusive.
He isnt a Klan member, he isnt going out there and trying to hurt black people. He's not some threat.
Havnt we all said something regrettable?
I mean in moments of anger, I myself have thought of wanting to beat the **** out of people, or thinking "man, I'd like to kill that sonofa*****." Am I horrible for thinking such thoughts?
I have wanted to torture people who hurt animals for example. And it can be very graphic, what goes on in my head. Am I awful??
No, because I think in every single person, we have both the capability within us to hurt and to help. To be mean and to be kind. That goes for everyone.
It's within us all, these two extremes.

Yet the guy has done alot for charity, and has been noted to do other good deeds. So wouldnt that also make him a good guy? See what I mean??

So you see, we are all shades of gray. Sometimes we are nice, and sometimes we are not. To say he's a bad guy for that one thing you are stuck on, would actually make you sound dumber than Richards did on that night.

Rape and murder is obviously one event that can make you think of someone as evil or horrible. Is saying something stupid the same thing? If you go 200 days doing nothing but good things and then one day slip up, have a bad day, and say something really offensive, does that make you a horrible person?

Kramer didnt rape or kill anyone here..a little perspective.

Basically perhaps it comes down to if the insult was truly offensive enough to a certain individual to make them think of someone in such a harsher manner.
I mean ****, some people think Charles Manson is a good guy.

I'm not saying he isnt a racist. I am saying he did something stupid. What's the difference? If he never said these thoughts everyone would still think of him as a funny guy. Probably a cool cat. He could have still thought that way however.

You think he actually would like to revert back to those times? Nah. He said something to get back at his hecklers, and took it too far. When you're in a rage, you can do lots of things, like murder for example. I think saying something awful is a lot less worrisome than doing something awful.
You can spout a ton of **** in an insane rant, then realize you said something pretty vile and feel remorse over it. Some regret. You get so worked up you say some ****, but you dont really believe what you're saying, which is why you never take action upon it. The guy has apologized, and now the two guys who started the **** wanna sue because they felt hurt..gag me. They're taking advantage of it, using the race card..they're basically using the fact their own people were disserviced way back in the day. That's just as vile to me.

He isnt actually hurting other people. He made a mistake, he apologized. Get over it. The N word has been thrown around so much now, even by those same people who you would think would know better then to use it. But they've ****ing began to use it as a friendly term. To me, that's just as ****ing dense.

That's my opinion anyways. I'm not gonna change it. I look at society as warped. People are warped. We all have some bad in us. Some people find a certain something bad enough that to them they consider the offender to be a bad guy. To others, they may just see that same "bad guy" as a stupid guy who made a mistake. Some cases arent so clear cut, like this one.

Had Kramer lynched a black man, then yeah I'd say he was a bad guy. In this case I just think he has some feelings he should get counselled for, and make some peace with. Besides that, he was just dumb to ****ing go the route he did with it.
You think he's bad on the sole basis he feels that way and said so. Fine, that offends you more than it does me. You look at it differently then I do.
People have different perspectives on what being a bad guy might be is all.

Words to me are only words. And actions speak alot louder than words do, for my own perspective they really do.
I have been friends with people that think a certain harsh way towards other people, and sometimes we dont agree on different things at all. But you realize they're just words, and they dont act upon these words because they realize in a way that it's wrong. Nobody is perfect.

I mean I despise people who hunt for sport. I ****ing hate them. I wanna slaughter them and I wanna gut them. I'd like to say that to their faces, and in certain situations I probably would. Does that make me really bad? No, because I realize that doing that wouldnt be right at all. I'd never do it, despite me saying I'd like to.

If you let words hurt you in todays age, I personally dont see how you'd ever be able to handle living in todays times.
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