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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

The euphoria Jazz fans felt when the team acquired Trey Burke in the NBA Draft could soon be waning.

Iím not saying it wasnít a nice move.

Iím just sayiní.

This isnít going to be an easy recovery. came out last week with its preseason power rankings, via writer Chris Mannix, and he had the Jazz ranked 14th of 15 teams in the Western Conference. The only team Mannix rated below Utah was Phoenix.

Phoenix has better proven vets. Jazz have better young guys.

I believed this in June and I havenít changed my mind: The Jazz didnít have a lot of options. They knew where they were going with the Jefferson-Millsap approach Ė mid-to-low end of the conference.

Better to roll the dice.

Itís going to be painful and with what they have now, it wonít be smooth. Theyíre at least two All-Stars away from being serious, maybe more. In fact, Mehmet Okur, Andrei Kirilenko and Devin Harris were All-Stars and even played on the same Jazz teams. They didnít go far.

Neither will this team, as it stands.

I know itís early, but this might be a good time for Jazz fans to temper expectations. Sports Illustrated can see that from a distance. From up close, it might have looked better a couple of months ago than it really was.
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