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i agree with the other two. We are going to make the playoffs and then be butchered. I rather have a bad year and get a high first round draft pick. I look at the Spurs and how they got Duncan. You need excellent GM and a strong draft. Even though BC ****ed up his very first one with Bargnani, i still believe and trust BC. I rather see the raptors not make hte playoffs this year and get a high pick in the draft unless they are able to trade for a guy that can suddenly improve this team and fill its gap.

I have argued against this in the past and have said that I rather have my team in the playoffs even if it means a first round exit. But thats a flawed argument now. I want my team to win and be the best of the best. If that means sacrificing a year for the eventual betterment, then i am all for that.
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