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Lottery Four extra games Vs. Boston or Cleveland

I would rather save myself from the embarassement and at least have something to be excited about in offseason, I'd go for the TANK. Unless Colangelo magically improves this team in the next couple of weeks, he'll be left with two major questions:

1) What players should he move to facilitate the tanking? and how does he convince Bosh that this is the right strategy for the team's future?

2) If Colangelo feels Bosh doesn't agree with the team's direction, should he consider moving CB4?

Unfortunatly, I believe that the only place the raptors can re-tool their wing position is in the draft, a high lottery pick and another first rounder might be able to save the Raptors chances to retain Bosh. James Harden, Stephen Curry, Demar DeRozan , Kyle Singler and Tyler Smith can potentially tend to Toronto's needs and intrigue Bosh enough to stay.

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