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Originally Posted by bokes15
I hate to say it but Q is right. We aren't beating Boston, Cleveland, or Orlando in the playoffs. Period. At this point, the best we're probably gonna do is the 7th or 8th seed and as Q said, i'd almost rather miss the playoffs and get a good lottery pick than to crawl in and get swept.

Trade some players ..... Joey, Bargnani, Moon, Kapono, etc get get SG/SF soon see how the season goes from there, if anything we can tank later ..... we owe it to the fans of the city to play well we didn't acquire Jermaine O'Neil in the off season to get worse than we were last season, that doesn't make any sense at all, ...... like i said make a trade soon for a legit guard see how it plays out with Bosh and a wing and go from there ......
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