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Originally Posted by bada bing
i hate it that whenever we start talking about trades, tanking the season someone has to bring up the whole trading Bosh scenario. Why the **** would a franchise trade away its superstar if he has not demanded a trade or things haven't turned sour between them? There is no way in hell that BC is going to trade away Bosh unless there is some request by Bosh. The raptor franchise value/impression/credibility would be tarnished and no FA would want to come to this city if BC all of a sudden decided to get rid of Bosh without reason. Just stfu kid.

First off the reason people come up with different ideas and scenarios is because is to bring insight to a conversation and alternate solutions to a problem. By mentionning the scenario of see Bosh leave the Raptors via trade, why I felt compelled to respond, I was trying to project what directions were possible for the Raps if they decided to tank the season. In no way would I be pleased to see Colangelo deal Bosh, but many of you seem to forget that on the trade market only Bosh has a benificial value for the Raps. O'Neal's value is hurt by the amount of money owed to him and his contract structure; Calderone's value is deminished by his lack of defensive skills. I'm not saying Toronto wouldn't get anything good for these two players, what I'm saying is that we'd have to package them with either Bargnani, Kapono, Parker or Graham and probably a first rounder to get a superior player. T.O.'s trade assets are weak, and to even think that Colangelo can land a quality starting wing by packaging Bargnani, Kapono, Parker or Graham is crazy!

The possibility of trading any player on this team has to be discussed if brought up, the Raptors are an underacheiving team with a maxed-out cap and weak trade assets, any realistic, sometimes unpopular suggestions should be welcomed.
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