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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Buddy... it's the same thing. Chris Paul is having a better individual season than Parker, not debatable AND is the better player as well as PG. The only case Parker has is that his team is a little better record wise but that should be negligible considering how close the teams are.

Before this random ass 11 game win streak I had Parker ahead. So I don't care about the record.

I know you like to tell me that I'm sometimes too arrogant about something being right, but you're doing the same thing here and it's obviously very wrong. It's very debatable. A lot of people debate it. With the games missed, it's easily debatable. You're the only one who thinks it isn't.

That, alone, does not make you wrong. But you're wrong.

I is it the same thing? It's not the same thing.
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