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Default Re: Bold Prediction: Tony Parkers gets MVP this year

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
When something is logical and debatable I don't call people out. To say Parker>CP3 this season though is a pretty serious claim. If you said he's YOUR personal MVP fine. Just don't pass it like he's a better player this year because he's not on CP3's level AT ALL. Okay scores an extra 4 ppg or w/e. Also assists less, is a much worse defender in comparison, worse rebounder and doesn't have the impact on either end of the floor Paul does.

Paul is a maestro who runs an entire system on both ends and when you take him away the troops fall apart. Tony Parker on the other hand is just a piece of an already great system that succeeds with or without him. You don't seem to be understanding that.

Make a new thread about who's the better PG THIS YEAR Chris Paul or Tony Parker. After the thread goes on long enough we will tally up the votes and the loser wears an avy for a month. The reason it's up to you to make the thread is because trolls see my name and derail threads. If you make the thread, it may keep things calmer.

Well, I decide the winner so he's only my choice. And not as MVP, but ahead of Paul.

I know what Paul is. But Parker is not on a team that succeeds with or without him. He was the best PG in the playoffs last year. The only advantage I could give to Westbrook was that he got to the Finals and was easily OKC's best player.
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